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Many different photography styles and categories 


Larry was generating a large body of photographs in a variety of styles. There was interest in showing his work in galleries and for purchase. He needed a website that organized and demonstrated it all. That is when he asked me to help.

I proposed a website architecture to help organize his works on a new website. There was a lot of images and ideas so the design and architecture I proposed is intended to keep it clean and easy to navigate. Many of his photos had no titles. Most were too large to work on the internet. They all needed to be watermarked and nearly all needed to be resized.


Larry's new site was first published in 2017 and has been updated a number of times since then, including twice in 2019. Each time we work to fine-tune it with the latest photos to keep it fresh and ease of navigation. Most recently this was done with photos of Africa, and the photo above called "A Long March: From the Memorial of Justice and Peace," taken at the new National Memorial for Justice and Peace in Montgomery Alabama. It is not "Manipulated" and won Honorable Mention in a program sponsored by the International Photography Association. 


Larry now has a way to share the breath of his creative, sensitive and fun photography easily. Nice work, Larry. 


Larry also tells me he gets complements about his website all the time. Thanks!

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