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Multiple styles of two dimensional art


Meredith explores art by following it where curiosity leads, which manifests as experimenting with techniques in two-dimensional, and typically, non-representational art. I produced her first website 10 years ago, but her fans are now asking when they will see her latest and an updated website. Well here it is!

This round, we got clear about the objective of the site -- not an exhaustive archive of Meredith's work, but rather featuring some of her pictures in groupings as well as adding new works, and making the site clean and easy for visitors to explore. (The above painting is CityScape, acrylic on paper, 2018).


Meredith can now use this website to easily share the diversity of her incredible work, whether it is with family,  friends, someone interested in purchasing her art, or as part of a gallery promotion where her art may be featured.

Please check it out!


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