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What Clients Say

"I've just sat down for a close eye on the website, and I have to tell you, I'm pretty thrilled! I like it a LOT!  I think the changes and adjustments made in the past few days has strengthened it. I'm really writing to say how beautiful it looks, and what a great job you've done...."  Client  - Larry O

I really, really LOVE how this is looking!!!! When we initially put the website together I had no idea what I wanted this to look like. Now that I have built a little resume & found some confidence in what I'm doing I feel like the website is truly reflecting who I am in this business. Thank you for providing the instrument that delivers this message so beautifully to my clients!    Client - Denise S

"Hi Kay, That is perfect!!!  I'm sorry I didn't tell you that first, but you nailed it. Everything you do is sharp!!!"  Client  - Corine G. 2017 

"The site is clean and effective. The navigation is good."  Client - Lou  


"I have to tell you, that building this website has given me renewed confidence in myself with the real estate." Client - Denise S


"I would like to say that your work is simply Awesome! I needed you years ago. Glad to know you now. Thanks for all your work in our behalf." Client - Joe G


"Kay converts the creation and development of your website into a series of manageable, well-defined tasks. The result in a short period of time is a high impact product that communicates your services in a clear and sophisticated manner. She is patient, yet moved the process along and drove it to completion, especially when I got stuck and retreated. It's what I needed and she delivered. I am so pleased." Client - Barry G


"Kay combines her talents as an artist, her experience as a project designer and manager and her computer skills to create wonderful and unique websites."  ClientNancy S


"This has been a great partnership with you."  ClientMaurice D


I  ask clients to send their newly published websites to people they know and trust for testing and feedback. These are their responses:


"I received a wonderful complement from my boss about the new website, followed by my first referred lead from him. He knows how much effort I have been putting into branding myself and thinks I have the best website he's seen yet!" Denise S.


"Kay did a great job! On other artist's websites, I have found that clicking on something often leads down a cul de sac with no way to back out. I tried to defeat yours with no success. Congratulations! Very user friendly and Luddite proof. I agree with John about it being very professionally presented..." Carol L.


"Letting you know that it's quite easy to get your bio from your site, which is well-ordered and attractive, btw." Melody C. 


"Your site looks really great! I loved reading the summaries and your website is thorough. Your services are easily discernible with your prior work examples." Aileen W.


"I think it looks great. Like the pictures actually. Subliminal messaging there but they seem to fit the overall theme. I like the feel of the website in that is it very clean and direct and you can easily navigate to whatever section you want." Scott A. 


"Congratulations - this is very professional and it shows your art well." John H.


"I just got done perusing your website. I can honestly say that it's very, very nicely done. It has a simple elegance to it - not at all flashy-distracting like so many others. Well done!" Rick B.


"Your site is beautiful." S. Lee


"I LOVE your site, and I absolutely LOVE your COLOURS and the variety of your crafts and tests. Bravo also for the texts about yourself. Very well realized."  Ascaline


"What a beautiful site! Very enjoyable." Joy B. 


"This is very professional and shows your art well. The design and movement is cool. Nice job!"  John H.


"Oh, my, your website is GORGEOUS! And fun and mesmerizing. Those fantasy grapes just took my heart away on first sight! All of it fabulous."   Janet R.


"My neighbor looked at the site this morning. Heidi is full of raves for your work. She said, 'The design of it pulls it all together.'"   Amy G.


"It's really beautiful. Love the graphics and the overall design. Overall it looks really clean and cheerful. The portrait of you is one of the best I've seen."  Dianna W.


"This one worked on iPad and gives me the chills it is so marvelous. " Rose P.


"Just had a quick look at your website and it's really beautiful. Love the graphics and the overall design. It looks really clean and cheerful."   Dianna M.


"I think it is a very good website….extremely user friendly. Nice large print and no conflict of overlay of colors that make it difficult for some of us to read."  Jan D.


"You outdid yourself. The way your art is presented is out of this world." Shirley F.


"That website is beautiful! Very engaging and I enjoyed looking at it. I think I might need one too!"   Dean B.

"Lovely to see all of your multifacets in one showcase. Will share with others."   Stevanne T.


"That is a really nice site!"  Bill K.

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