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Smart use of multiple online tools

Denise lives in Pennsylvania and I live in California, but she felt confident working with me to create her personal real estate site that connects to a larger real estate services company. She wanted more of a presence than just what the company had to offer. It also ties together all her social media tools - LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook - in one location. Buying a house is when we are probably making the biggest purchase of our lives. This seamless communication lets her customers know who they are working with -- a very capable and attentive realtor.  

I embedded the company site via direct MLS search links in her area taking the site visitor to all the home options that might work for them. Denise makes full use of social media to sell, promote and help customers buy homes. And of course, her site works on androids, iPhones, iPads and notebooks. Gotta. Must. 


If you know someone looking to purchase a home in Pittsburgh PA and needs a can-do realtor, as you can see from her online presence, Denise is a top choice!

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