Potential Clients had no Idea - and Customer Safety in the time of COVID


Matt runs the small business his parents started in the 70s. He grew The Painters Place from a single framing shop to three locations around the Bay Area.


A decade or more ago, he launched a website that he used for years -- and it looked like it. It was dark, stagnant and really gave no sense of what The Painters Place offers customers.


After making a site visit to each business location, I realized it was likely difficult for customers to understand what The Painters Place offers -- artisans, fine craftspeople and deep experience focusing on customers' framing needs as their top priority, plus in-house expertise to handle the most sensitive and unique display needs.


I proposed taking a fresh, documentary-style approach, so I photographed each location featuring what this small business offers. These photographs were incorporated into the website, while also giving Matt a way to sell fine art, develop an online mailing list, promote sales events, and demonstrate the beauty and mastery of The Painters Place workmanship. The site shows up now in search engines - something his former site never did. 

During 2020, COVID brought the importance of his business being found online into sharp focus. We made a lot of changes to the site, and Matt offered his customers a safe place to still have their framing needs met. 

Matt is pleased with the results and I think you will be too.