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Public & member-only site sections, reservations and fundraising


West Point Inn is a volunteer-run not-for-profit operating an off-the-grid historic lodge and cabins. They had a website for years but was in need of an upgrade. At first, members had a go at creating one themselves, but the site has demanding needs and multiple functions. That's when they contacted me. 


This may be a historic, off-the-grid inn with members who have been involved with its maintenance and care for decades, but the site also needed to respond to a new tech-savvy audience. I cleaned up the site architecture and added content to make it easy to navigate. I designed the site in 2014 with a rustic, casual look, and modern online features built in, then mobilized it for smartphones and iPad users. 


Now members and site visitors know what's happening at the Inn at-a-glance: pancake breakfasts, volunteer work parties and upcoming events. Dig deeper in the site for instructions about how to get to the Inn, make a reservation, learn how to become involved, the colorful history, ways to support the Inn, reservations, how to ask questions to those in the know or where to mail your membership check.


If you are a member, just sign-in to peruse board meeting notes or catch up on an issue of the A View from the Top, West Point Inn, the quarterly newsletter. Member event photos can shared in the members section. 


Improvements to this charming facility are always going on. Site updates happen regularly, most recently migrating to a new reservation system.


Want to visit? Take a hike! You'll fall in love with this charming, historic Inn on Mount Tamalpais. 

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