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Lifetime body of Work 

Charlotte wanted to demonstrate her expertise as an accomplished video editor and instructor for the art of storytelling. She had two different sites that were both over 10 years old. They were dated and most of the links didn't work.


She came to me with a request to solve this ASAP. Since both sites were really about the same subject - Charlotte's expertise in storytelling via AVID editing - my advice was to combine the site content. Subjects that spanned decades of work were grouped into a number of categories. I added a new "Works In Progress" category to feature her latest film making efforts.


Working full time on just the site, Charlotte provided links and content to me as fast as I could design a site to support it,  the whole process taking several weeks of focused effort on both our parts. There was a lot of historical work to find, transfer and add.


I included social media on her site, and cleaned up her LinkedIn information. I took portrait photos in her studio and some thematic editing screen shots to include in the site design. SEO was added and everything was mobilized. Her site is now current and demonstrates her lifelong work and gravitas as an editor and storyteller. 


Even creative and highly technical people sometimes need an image makeover. Looking good, Charlotte!

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