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Josefa Buckingham - Fam Room S DSC_0562.

Fresh and simple

Josefa was in need of a fresh online look to feature 25 years of interior design work. She had a site but both it and her logo felt dated. Her previous webmaster was unreachable and she wanted something that could be updated easily. 


A modern template style with parallax scrolling and video was chosen and customized to fit Joey's style and taste. She wanted the new site to demonstrate the breadth of her expertise, while making it feel personal to her design eye. Kiki La Porta of DesCom Studios designed a new logo, so now there was a color template to match and style guide to follow. 


The portfolio grid on the homepage let me define the body of work to feature. This meant specific projects, each with a written story and images to support it. Two other portfolio boxes on the grid are designed to take a site visitor to images of Transformation, before and after side-by-side comparisons of her work, and Inspiration - her own photographs from around the world that influences her design ideas. 

Over the course of the project, Joey left for Europe so a Comments tool was used so she could stay involved in site development, even on the other side of the pond. She also had a great idea of the kind of photographs she wanted to take so they could be added to the site. 

The site looks clean and simple. As with any design, simplicity takes thought and intention. The site design and feel, like Josefa's keen eye, demonstrates what goes into making interior design and websites that work. 

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