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Growing Pains


Treasure Island Museum has an existing website that is dated and not very inviting. The association had a tremendous amount of information to post, plus they needed a way to keep the public apprised of upcoming exhibits, events and activities. They also asked for a way to capture public comment, sell items in the online store, plus grow their membership, while attracting donations.  


I used the museum's existing site to determine the design for a new site architecture in way that would be user-friendly, plus respond to everything they want to share. I used their existing content to populate the draft site. 


Less than two months, eighteen pages, and many dozens of links, photos and embedded videos later, I turned this draft site over to them in 2014 so they could continue to add their own content and publish when they feel it is ready. There are a few new photographs that have been added, but nine years later, the site looks much the same as when I turned it over. 


Looking forward to visiting the new museum!

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